This year (2018-2019), I will be teaching Mrs. Wasserman's, Ms. Jablonski’s, Ms. Kalman's, all the third, fourth, and fifth grade general music classes. In addition, I will be responsible for both the Beginner and Advanced Band programs. General music classes will be 35 minutes and occur throughout the school day. Band students are assigned a 30-minute pull out group lesson that meets weekly and will also attend a longer full group weekly ensemble rehearsal that is held partially during recess/lunch and partially during instructional time.

Band Students

Whichever area of music your child is involved in, they must complete their homework to be successful. Homework for band members includes practicing at home. ALL band members are required to maintain a practice record of 60 minutes each week. Playing an instrument requires building muscles similar to training for any other physical activity or sport. Additionally, instrumental students must develop fine motor skills that are necessary for fingering and playing their instruments adequately. Please help your child develop a practice schedule and help them to complete their required practicing weekly.

Both Music and Arts and NEMC will service most instruments rented from them at Greenbrook School. Accessories are also available and will be delivered directly to the school. Accessory forms are available in the music room and online at All reed players should have at least three good reeds available to use in their cases at all times. Trumpet and Baritone Horn players should have a bottle of valve oil available and Trombone students should have slide oil. Once you child begins to play, please encourage them to care for their instruments properly and clean them often.

Advanced Band

Our Advanced Band is in the process of adjusting to learning and performing more difficult music. As students continue to develop their skills in lessons and band, they are encouraged to listen to the links provided to assist them with practicing their parts within an ensemble setting at home. Most of our students are very diligent about practicing and remembering their equipment, but occasionally need reminders. Jazz Band students are required to maintain at least 60 minutes of practice to remain in good standing in Jazz Band.

Links to their music for practicing can be accessed through the links below.

Links to Advanced Band Music coming soon

* you might need to click on the button with the arrow to play the piece *

Beginner Band
Our beginning band is just starting to learn their first notes on their instruments. They have the same practicing requirements as the Advanced Band, but are expected to divide their 60 minute practice time into 6 blocks of 10 minutes. That means 10 minutes every day except one. This seems to be the ultimate way to develop the muscles they will be using to play their instruments. Without muscle development, success will not occur. Shortly, the exercises they start with will develop into recognizable songs. Please encourage you band students to play for you often as you are often their most important audience.

It is IMPORTANT for the students to remember to continue to practice regularly and to bring their instruments to lessons and band for successful musical experiences! Links to their music for practicing can be accessed through the links below.

Links to Beginner Band Music coming soon


Jazz Band – will meet Friday at 8:00 a.m.

Students who have completed one year of playing may be considered for Jazz Band. Jazz Band begins around the middle of November and continues to meet on Friday mornings at 8:00 a.m. Membership in this organization is based upon the ability of the student to play the level of music, their ability to work independently on their music on their own, and their work study habits. As a reminder, the contract states that Jazz Band students must have their practice record up to date to remain in good standing in the Jazz Band. Contact regarding cancelations will occur through the use of e-mail.

Links to Jazz Band Music coming soon

Concert Dates:

Winter Concert - January 15 at 7 p.m. (performers report at 6:30)

Spring Concerts – June 11 and June 12 at 7 p.m. (performers report at 6:30)

Wellness, South Brunswick, and Instrumental Music

*** One of our goals for the 2018-19 school year continues to be wellness. It is important that we address this issue in every area, including the performing arts. Please encourage your child to maintain a clean instrument as a method of staying well. Below are some links that provide instruction on how to maintain a proper working and sanitary instrument. In addition, please encourage your child to follow the suggested methods for practicing, stay hydrated while performing, and to maintain proper posture when practicing at home. All of these small suggestions can make a huge difference in the overall wellness of the entire group.

Check out these Web-sites specifically related to your child's instrument. - How to blow a trumpet for the first time - Trumpet Assembly, Disassembly and Daily Maintenance - Clarinet - Assembly, Disassembly and Daily Maintenance - Flute - Assembly, Disassembly and Daily Maintenance - Saxophone - Assembly, Disassembly and Daily Maintenance - Trombone - Assembly, Disassembly and Daily Maintenance  - Trombone Instructional DVD - Baritone Horn - Assembly, Disassembly and Daily Maintenance - Concert Snare 5: Setup & Playing Position

General Music Classes

Our general music classes are chocked full of learning opportunities for our students. Some units may have homework included within. Homework can simply be for you child to sing the song they learned in music class for you, their parent. Please help your chlld to complete any assignment and remind them to turn it in. Since classes only meet once a week, papers often get lost. If you wish, you can always scan the homework into the computer and email it directly to me.

Fun interactive music sites for children:

dsokids.comprovided by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Listen and learn, take a tour of the concert hall, meet the musician of the month, play some music games, and join the club.

Provided by the San Francisco Symphony - Fun and Games through music for children

* Please feel free to access them with your children and learn something new in music.

If you need to contact me, please email me at or call me at 732.297.2480.

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We will be learning about several composers, types and forms of music, and composing and performing our own compositions this year in general music. We will be focusing on literacy through music and there very well might be some homework required. Ask your child about possible interactive music projects you can do with them this year.