Third Grade

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Grade Overview

Students will be engaged in many hands-on math lessons. Some of the units in third grade include multiplication, time, geometry, money, division, fractions, etc.

Students will continue to develop their love of reading by making connections to the books they read. Basic comprehension skills such as inferring, drawing conclusions, and determining the climax are just a few of the strategies students will use in third grade. Guided reading groups will again be used in order to further enhance students' learning by challenging students on their instructional level.

Personal narrative starts out the school year, which quickly moves into realistic fiction. Students continue to learn the necessary strategies of pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Towards the end of the year, students begin working on non-fiction writing by researching such topics as plants, animals, planets, etc.

Students begin to learn cursive writing in third grade, learning all the lowercase and uppercase letters of the d'nealian alphabet.

The third grade team works extensively with the classroom computers and laptops. Students are expected to type their final writing pieces by saving their work to the server. Students use the technology for research, imaging, movies, and more.

We learn about seeds and plant growth, the life cycle of a crayfish, sun, moon, and stars, and water.

Social Studies:
We learn map skills, ethnic heritage, immigration, exploration, and more.

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